Member of the Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation

  1. Mobile Treatments (Home Visits)
    An address of your choice can be selected, as long as you have the owner’s permission, and can be a useful option if you are limited for space at your own address or to escape distractions Our home visit service allows you to have a massage treatment without having to travel and benefit from the flexibility of choosing a time that suits you. To book an appointment call us on 07576 943 943. Our home visit appointments can be arranged to start as early as 7am and as late as 8pm
  2. Clinic Bookings
    Our massage service allows you to visit us in clinic for help with your concerns, whether it be stress, recovering from injury, troubling sleeping or unexplained pain or tension. Swedish Massage can have numerous benefits for body and mind helping with recovery, reducing tension, improving circulation, promoting pain-relief and helping to improve sleep.
  3. Short Treatments
    You may wish to opt for one of our short treatments. These last for approximately 30 minutes and are suited to promoting recovery in specific regions. When focusing on a certain area it also allows for a client to directly measure the benefit of a treatment and determine whether it is suitable for them and their current condition. The following short treatments are available: Lower back and hips Back, neck and shoulder Legs Feet and ankles Arms and hands Elbows and wrists Hands and fingertips Head and face