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The humble bee whose hard work helps bring balance to nature relates to the functioning of the systems of our body that work around the clock to bring balance to body and mind. Your energy levels, recovery and sense of wellbeing are all indicators to whether this is happening effectively or could do with a lift from external changes or treatments. Chi, or Qi relates to energy force and the balance we reflect from our own internal energies. Finding balance takes work too and it isn’t always easy finding the time to do the things that are beneficial to health and wellbeing.
About Us
Swedish massage has numerous benefits to body and mind ranging from relaxation to recovery and the all-important pain relief which sadly many of us are unable to find an ongoing solution to, instead living with pain as part of our daily lives. Bee-Chi Massage aims to provide massage therapy to clients who wish to benefit from a professional coordinated massage session tailored to their needs
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Fit our treatments in around a busy schedule. Our clinic appointments from 7am to 10pm and home visits from 7am to 8pm.
Phone on 07576 943 943 to book an appointment or use our contact form to tell/ask us more.
Where necessary a course of action for injury or symptoms may be in the direction of referral to another health practitioner. Whilst massage may be beneficial there may be an underlying issue or cause for medical advice on your behalf to explain symptoms and other possible courses of treatment.

You can also preview or print our treatment consultation form and please do contact us if you have any queries on the need for referrals or the suitability of the treatments we have on offer.
Before proceeding with a massage treatment a consultation form and discussion of medical history will need to be undertaken. The consultation is for health and safety measures and to ensure the treatment carried out is in line with the needs of the persons receiving treatment. Even when receiving massage treatment purely for relaxation purposes it is important to disclose medical history to ensure that the treatment is suitable for every individual.

An example of the consultation form can be downloaded by clicking the button below. Please do not post or e-mail any sensitive documents such as completed consultation forms. Completed consultation can be bought along to your appointment or feel free to contact us should you wish to discuss any queries you may have.